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Beyin Beach Resort, Ghana

Beyin Beach Resort is an eco-friendly lodge set in a peaceful coconut grove on the South West coast of Ghana, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Wooden chalets are located over lush green lawns, and shell-bordered paths take you down to golden sands which stretch for miles.

We took inspiration from our beautiful surroundings and sourced natural materials to create an open and welcoming environment for our guests, providing both luxury and economy chalets to accommodate all pockets.

We place great importance on the comfort of our guests. Our facilities include hot, running water available to all, and a well stocked bar and restaurant with a varied food and beverage menu featuring traditional Ghanaian dishes as well as Western food.

We work alongside the local community of Beyin Village, inviting our visitors to become involved with the villagers through activities such as turtle conservation and traditional fishing trips. In addition, a percentage of income raised goes towards funding local projects, and we are dedicated to ensuring that the relationship between tourism and community continues to be nurtured and developed.

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